Services and Equipment

Hearing Aid Technology

Henry & Stewart Audiology provides both conventional as well as the newest digital hearing aid technology that includes a thirty day trial period for all our hearing devices. Our goal is to help make the experience of achieving better hearing more relaxed and comfortable to all of our patients.


Services Include:

  • Complete audiology evaluation for patients of all ages.
  • Repair of all makes and models of hearing aids.
  • Both conventional hearing aids as well as the newest digital hearings systems.
  • Custom hearing protection to protect your hearing at work or while participating in hobbies such as lawn care, target practice, hunting, or playing loud musical instruments.
  • Customized ear molds that are compatible with iPods, Blue Tooth, music monitors and other devices.
  • Screening hearing evaluations as part of pre-employment testing.
  • Customized swimmers earplugs.
  • Video otoscopy.
  • Assistive listening devices.


Dr. Stewart offers a 30-day risk free trial as well as cleaning, tubing changes, troubleshooting, and all in-office repairs.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Make regular appointments to schedule maintenance and cleaning of your hearing aid, which can help the longevity of your hearing devices. Do not hesitate to contact us with any question regarding the regular maintenance of your hearing devices.